[Iana-performance] Positive feedback on the 2020-RIR-IANA-summary-report.

Lars-Johan Liman liman at netnod.se
Mon Feb 8 13:20:07 CET 2021


I happen to be both a RIPE member and the current chair of the ICANN
Customer Standing Committee that audits the PTI when it comes to its
performance as administrators of the DNS root zone.

I'd just like to concur with your assent for the PTI and their work to
fulfil the IANA contract. See this as a "+1" from me. Your summary
matches quite well what we in the CSC see on the domain name side. We
see "100 %" all over the field, with only the occasional minor breach.
Those are counted in the singles, and in most cases it's down to SLAs
that weren't thoroughly tested before being put into operation.

We also find the PTI very approachable and accomodating, and we have a
very good dialogue with them.

If you and the NRO community share my positive views, I hope you share
them also with the PTI. It's easy to forget to convey appreciation for
good work and to focus only on criticizing when improvement is needed.

				Best regards,
				  /Lars-Johan Liman
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