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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

Lee Howard Lee at
Wed Dec 18 21:41:22 CET 2013

From:  JFC Morfin <jefsey at>
Date:  Tuesday, December 17, 2013 9:18 AM
To:  Lee Howard <Lee at>, <i-coordination at>
Subject:  Re: [I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

> At 18:55 16/12/2013, Lee Howard wrote:
>> From: JFC Morfin <jefsey at>
>> Date: Monday, December 16, 2013 12:21 PM
>> To: michael gurstein <gurstein at>, "mueller at"
>> <mueller at>, "'Dr. Ben Fuller'" <ben at>,
>> <i-coordination at >
>> Subject: Re: [I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?  This is the fringe
>> to fringe "internet+". The "+" stands for "plugged layers on the user side".
>> If you would like to build a new internetwork, with fundamentally different
>> architecture and a different governance structure, you are welcome to do so.
>> For clarity, please call it something other than "internet."
> Lee,
> I suspect why your are confused over this. There is no new internetwork! There
> was a semantic BUG of consequence in EIN 48 that has been fixed first by Brian
> Carpenter, lately by Vint Cerf and this year by I*CEOs RFC 6852 (except on the
> fundamental point raised by Ali Hussein).

Then I have failed to understand your bug report.  Would you summarize, so I
can consider it appropriately?

> I will do it through an I_D I will first submit to Vint and to the other
> people involved as it will be part of my RFC 6852 appeal.

An internet-draft would be a good way to make sure we can all read and
consider it.  But we can't consider or discuss it until we understand the


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