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[I-coordination] Summary as this List Closes - Typical Stasi Trick...Move the List

Techno CAT at
Wed Dec 18 17:55:37 CET 2013

[I-coordination] Greetings from MARS 128N 128E   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] the view from .MARS   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Communication from .MARS uses ONE-WAY IPv4
features...   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] WHO is Behind the 1NET Movement ?...what is the cost
?   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Global Agenda Council on the Future of the Internet
2012-2014   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] SINGAPORE - Keynotes and Connections   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] .MARS to .EARTH Communication...   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Why .MARS has plenty of IPv4 Address Space...Compared
to .EARTH   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Why the NEW Push (Support) for IGF ? WHO is behind
1NET ? Why ?   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Reading the TEA LEAVES - 40+ Years of I*
Manipulations   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Keep your eyes on the ICANN IANA Gold.Mine - $3, 000,
000, 000 /8s   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] How SMALL is the Legacy Internet ?...smaller than you
thought ?   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Beyond the Tin Can and Kite String NotWork   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] "We are the world's trusted independent source of
leadership..."   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Where do the .ORG Taxes Go ?   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Insiders ALREADY Selected...   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] "ICANN manages the root zone on behalf of the IETF"
Techno CAT
[I-coordination] "digital technology has removed the analogue limits
on surveillance"   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] East [Internet] Germany vs West [Internet] Germany   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Will ISOC ICANN... Co-Opt One of Every 63 Internet
Users?   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] There are NO ICANN Critics - the Architect is Always
Correct   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] The Key Word is CONTROL - Partial or Overall   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] ICANN has enough money to "Sponsor" Assassinations   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Reading Material - Money buys anything they want...
Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Internet Governance Calendars do not contain the Key
Events   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] IETF - Innovation Extermination Task Force   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] USA is Starting Over - FirstNET is First - Open and
Transparent   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Predictions | Decisons | Free Markets | Tea Leaves   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] You really need to Experience an ARIN RECTAL Exam   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Administered by ARIN vs ARIN in ICANN IANA IPv4 file
 Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Would you pay $32,000 per year for a Domain Name   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Good Luck to Everyone - the Stasi has Arrived....   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] .COM .NET and .ORG Update   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Outside-IN vs Inside-OUT vs Top-Down Bottom-Up   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] The [ ISOC IETF ICANN IANA ] CASTLE pulls up their
Draw-Bridges   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] MeatSpace "YOU are NOT your AVATAR" vs CyberSpace   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] The Internet - Before BGP - Before ICANN - Before NSA
  Techno CAT
[I-coordination] "ICANN must succeed or Internet will be in jeopardy."
  Techno CAT
[I-coordination] ICANN Stacks the Deck - London - DAVOS - BRAZIL -
Annenberg - Sunnyland   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] IAHC ITAG IANA ICANN   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] ISOC and National Colaboratory   Techno CAT
[I-coordination]   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Paying for IPv6 Address Space - A lesson from BITCOIN
  Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Mail List Stated Purpose vs the Hidden Agenda   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] "evolution of the Internet Governance
Multistakeholder ecosystem"   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] ARPA-NET is the Internet :: FirstNET is NEW ::
#COMNET is coming   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Who SANCTIONS ISOC or ICANN in the Internet
Governance System?   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Since 1997 ARIN has enriched a very small number of
insiders   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] IETF wires the IANA and RIRs [more tightly] into
their central Lock-In Monopoly   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] DNS Born Again ....[dns-operations] alternate rootism
  Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Uncle Sam can't GIVE AWAY the Toys.R.US Registry   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] TODAY in RESTON - Google and the insiders....   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] ICANN - DAVOS - WEF   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] "ICANN resides in a Janus-like dream world..."   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] 1NET migrates AWAY from NRO and forgets .COM .NET
#COMNET   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] APNIC History - 1992... According to Insiders   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] RIPE continues to ENRICH a very small number of
people...1989-2013   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] 2002-10-31 - Final Approval of LACNIC   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] ICP-2: Criteria for Establishment of New Regional
Internet Registries   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] Verisign Sponsors DNS Workshop - Protecting the NET
from ICANN   Techno CAT
[I-coordination] FIVE YEARS and ICANN has still NOT delivered .WEB
.INC   Techno CAT



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