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[I-coordination] New: How do we dissect Internet governance? [Was: Europe at a tipping point?]

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Wed Dec 18 14:49:01 CET 2013

At 13:41 18/12/2013, Peter H. Hellmonds wrote:
>What I'm saying is that individuals working in the IG space wear 
>different hats and all that talk about defining stakeholder groups 
>will run into the problems we currently face with the 10 year old 
>Geneva Declaration definitions. Let's move on

Actually, the IG is only a UN with 7 billions sovereign states, some 
of them using e-not-so-diplomatic-pouches. How many of us on this 
list believing we can impact the world?

Currently the only impact anyone can have is through source code. You 
can understand why the Internet Established Techies Fellows want to 
stay by their own, protecting their influence on code and their jobs. 
Their problem is that they are losing control on the system they 
designed. It becomes autonomous. Hence their need for the Govs to 
protect them from an innovation they do not control. What is fun is 
that Sao Paulo is a good place for FLOSS people considering the 
missing layers. Cheers !


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