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[I-coordination] New: How do we dissect Internet governance? [Was: Europe at a tipping point?]

William Drake william.drake at
Tue Dec 17 18:34:42 CET 2013

Hi George

On Dec 17, 2013, at 6:24 PM, George Sadowsky <george.sadowsky at> wrote:

> Bill,
> You say: "Do we really have nothing more important to be doing here at this point than redefining the wheel as just a round thingy?  I thought this list was supposed to be for coordination of multistakeholder dialogue on Sao Paulo and beyond, but it seems to alternate between being a troll paradise and the site of a lot of meandering debates on points that are generally being addressed more systematically elsewhere.  Or am I alone in this perception?"
> I agree that we need to address points systematically.  Can you provide a list of systematic points (dare we call them issues?) that it would, in your view, be useful to discuss?

Well, why not start with the question of principles?  The initiators of the SP meeting have been saying from the outset they’d like to have a sort of multistakeholder declaration of principles.  Presumably it’d be helpful if 1net participants were to provide some input on this, and presumably we’d like it to be more than just nice fluffy words.  Why not discuss the range of options to make this a useful exercise, and see where there’s cross-stakeholder consensus and where there’s not?  It’s something concrete that needs to be done, and they want input by 1 March.


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