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[I-coordination] The self correcting nature of the American system? Judge rules against NSA tapping program. Snowden vindicated?

Bob Bruen korg at
Tue Dec 17 18:02:20 CET 2013

Hi Patricio,

Well, not exactly. Governments have chosen to give away or sell or 
designate others to run, their ccTLD, but initially it was theirs to do 
whatever they wanted, outside of ICANN's control. And they still are 
outside of ICANN's control. There have also been some issues after these 
choices were made, such as .pr, when the governments experienced seller's 


On Tue, 17 Dec 2013, Patricio Poblete wrote:

>       The ccTLDs (eg .cn. uk. etc) are pretty much of ICANN's control (see for
>       example .su) because they were given to the nations to control.
> Not exactly. To quote Chris Disspain:
>       As you have seen this morning there are many different ccTLD models – some 
> ccTLDs are run by government, some are run completely independent of government 
> while others, such as Australia, are run by an independent body endorsed by the 
> government. 
> Patricio Poblete 

Dr. Robert Bruen
KnujOn Org

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