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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Mon Dec 16 15:21:39 CET 2013

At 14:07 16/12/2013, Milton L Mueller wrote:
>Neither a single national government, nor a collection of national 
>governments, can represent the users and suppliers of internet 
>services as well as they can represent themselves. This is a new era 
>and involves a new form of governance.

Dear Milton,

I am working on a documented response to Dr. Ben Fuller and Nathalie 
Coupet, from an anthropologist point of view. To comment this only 
point: you are both right but you do not speak of the same internet. 
Milton, yours is a T&A internet system that is produced by operators 
globally applying a set of uniform rules on hardware and software. 
Ben's internet is a societal phenomenon experienced by the brainware 
designers, users and managers in their and every country.

Milton's internet is subject to the design choices of the ARPANET 
project decided and politically protected by the USG against other 
technological strategies (including the second motivation of Vint 
Cerf) they could not control (other countries, private, or future). 
The issue today is for those exercising this control to make sure 
they retain it in spite of the growing technical capacity to evade 
that control and address Vint's second motivation (*).


(*) "A second motivation is to allow new networking technology to be 
introduced into the existing catenet while remaining functionally 
compatible with existing systems. This allows for the phased 
introduction of new and obsolescence of old networks without 
requiring a global simultaneous change."

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