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[I-coordination] The India Story

Sivasubramanian M isolatedn at
Sun Dec 15 16:25:41 CET 2013


Your comment, to say the least, distracts the attention away from the valid
insights expressed in her message. She makes keen observations, for example:

The NSA leaks have been constantly confused with ICANN's location and
structure and its role in IG.

Serious local governance failures [and the public problems of political
parties and politicians] being blamed on the lack of regulation and control
of the net

Taking IG to the UN does not put an end to surveillance.

She says "Internet is the new 'foreign hand' here".  In India, when the
Government or the politicians who rule find a situation or issue or a
person unmanageable with no plausible arguments in defense, the usual
stratagem is to create distrust in the organization or person by naming the
Organization/ person as a 'Foreign Agency/ Agent' or funded by a foreign
government. What she alludes is to the imaginative attempt by some in
Government to create such distrust about the Internet. The internet and the
information that flows though the Internet is recommended in a subtle way
to be distrusted as flowing from a 'foreign hand'.

She talks about the complexities arising from "multiple interests of a
labyrinthine process of administration and turf wars between ministries and
associations". This is true of many Governments - in varying degrees -, as
of India.

Sivasubramanian M

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