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[I-coordination] The India Story

Subi Chaturvedi subichaturvedi at
Sat Dec 14 15:40:29 CET 2013

On the contrary. It is indeed a cause for concern. Thanks for sharing the
piece. The recent developments are indeed pointing towards a marked shift
in the approach towards IG especially from the gov. with conflicting
statements on various platforms by the different arms of the ministries.

Wish there was a 140 character limit to the emails as well, especially on
this list as I've learnt overtime. It is a task to keep up. So will keep
this one as brief as possible.

Some of us here Civil society, Academia, media are fighting really hard for
push backs but those who dismiss this article in one of India's leading and
most respected dailies need a rethink.

I agree entirely with Nick a poor under standing of the Internet, does mean
translation into legislations which are poorly thought through.  The
Internet is the new "foreign hand ", here. With serious local governance
failures being blamed on the lack of regulation and control of the net.
We've had some serious ones, which have petitions pending against them by
members of the parliament themselves, including the famous and draconian
#66A of the amended IT Act whose original intent was to control spam but
now sends innocent 20 year olds to jail for posting dissent online.

-The NSA leaks have been constantly confused with ICANN's location and
structure and its role in IG.
-Its not the same.
--A lot of damage has been done and while some of them might be genuine
efforts in resolving issues that trouble us all a greater outreach and a
deeper clarity of positions is needed.
-While restructuring ICANN is very welcome but it hardly addresses the
larger issues genuine and manufactured and individual axes every one has to
*- On the other hand saying that we take IG to the UN or look at
multilateral solutions where Govts speak only with Govts resolves nothing
for us. And certainly doesn't put an end to Surveillance and to
International #GrandTheftData*
-Contrast this with the sharp increase in Domestic surveillance of
citizens, no questions asked, shrouded in mystery
-With no transparency and zero accountability.

I would urge this group to not be dismissive of this position in India.
Where some would like us to believe that #DataSovereignty and a fragmented
localized Internet will be the panacea of all related evils and would also
create a new world order in IG.

For someone who has long believed in a multistakeholder process however
flawed it might be, it offers possibilities and a room for conversation,
this is alarming.

The world's largest democracy going down the route of a multilateral
solution doesn't auger well. This is further conflated with multiple
interests of a labyrinthine process of administration and turf wars between
ministries and associations.

We need to respond and engage. And do more. Clear precise responses and a
far more inclusive, reasoned and nuanced approach.

Happy Holidays everyone. Need more reasons to cheer.



Subi Chaturvedi
Assistant Prof. Journalism,
Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), DU

Member MAG, IGF
Member MAG, India-IGF

Founder & Hon. Managing Trustee,
Media For Change

Founder, Chief Mentor & Editor
The Saltlist

Independent DocumentaryFilmmaker, Photographer,
Curator, Media Critic & Scholar

PhD. Scholar,
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-D), New Delhi

On 13 December 2013 00:54, Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter at>wrote:

> I don't see much cause for concern as long as the proposal contains
> meaningless
> words like these:
> "We should insist that data of all domain names originating from India ...
> should be stored in India. Similarly, all traffic originating/landing
> in India should be stored in India..."
> It is necessary to fight against this one:
> "It was important that management and control of the DNS should be
> supervised
> by a 'Board' consisting of technical experts nominated by governments..."
> but the chances of it happening are pretty slim.
> Regards
>    Brian
> On 12/12/2013 23:28, Jorge Amodio wrote:
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> > Interesting fact of the past, I use to be the one taking care of the two
> > initial connections India had with JVnCNet in the old days (Gandhinagar
> and
> > Bangalore STPs)
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> > -J
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