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15 June 1992, Kobe, Japan

(b) Internet Certificate Authority Registration

Vint Cerf proposed that the Society provide Internet Certificate
Authority registration services. This is an activity which is
necessary for the creation of security enhanced mail and related
services on the Internet. Engaging in the service will accelerate
progress in improving Internet security and is the type of leadership
which the Society should be pursuing.

The Board approved the offering of this service in principle, but
asked that it be provided with a written proposal and an analysis of
the projected income and expense of the service. A small working party
shall be created and, in particular, examine the international aspects
of this topic. The proposal should be reviewed by counsel to determine
the extent of any legal liability that may be associated with ICA
registration service.

The innaugural Annual General Meeting of the Board of Trustees of
Internet Society, was held pursuant to notice at Kobe, Japan, on
Monday June 15 1992. Meeting opened at 9:00 am.

Vint Cerf, President of the ISOC Board of Trustees, assumed the duties
of Chairman of the Meeting and called the Meeting to order at 9:00am
on June 15. Jurgen Harms, Secretary of the ISOC Board of Trustees,
assumed the duties of Secretary of the Meeting and recorded the

1. Attendance

The following members of the Board of Trustees were present at the
Meeting: Hideo Aiso, Vint Cerf, Lyman Chapinm Ira Fuchs, Frode
Greisen, Juergen Harms, Geoff Huston, Bob Kahn, Tomaz Kalin, Ken King,
Lawrence Landweber, Kees Neggers (after adoption of Resolution 92-01),
Tony Rutkowski and Mike Roberts (ex-offico). Apologies were recieved
from Charles Brownstein.

National Colaboratory - 1989
Rockefeller University


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