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[I-coordination] The Internet - Before BGP - Before ICANN - Before NSA

Techno CAT at
Fri Dec 13 22:15:16 CET 2013

The Internet - Before BGP - Before ICANN - Before NSA

The Internet is built from Tin Cans and Kite String
Bob's Treehouse connects to Carol's - she connects to Alice.
Ted comes along and connects to Alice AND Carol
and runs a bare string thru Bob's Treehouse to also get
to Carol with a back-up connection.

BGP is added to the mix. Bob decides to TAP that string from
Ted to Carol to listen in. Bob gets elected to high positions
in NANOG for his "BGP skills". At the ARIN meetings Carol
tells everyone that she and Ted are well-connected. She is
trained how to use BGP to black-hole Bob's traffic. She does
that from time to time as Ted directs. They all have a big laugh at
the secret IANA meeting.

Carol gets more Address Space easily, for FREE. She knows the
"right people" at USC and UCLA , Stanford, Harvard...
 and BBN and MIT.

Bob has trouble connecting more people. He is not given more
address space. He eventually takes a scissors and cuts that bare
string from Ted. Carol tells everyone that Bob is evil. [She does
not mention that she played BGP games with Bob's only useful connection]

Then the NSA comes along and notes the loud-mouth Carol
who travels to ALL of the meetings and they pay her millions
to tap[record] Bob, Alice and Ted. Carol is then elected to the
top of the ARIN echelon. [Reston VA McClean CIA Spookland]

Multistakeholder MSH does not work. Juvenile Delinquents and
Unethical People rise to the top of the so-called Internet
Governance echelon. Look at the current ICANN Applicants for
new DNS [licenses to print money]. One is a famous domain
extortion expert. Where do you think all the money came from?

The Internet - Before BGP - Before ICANN - Before NSA

[licenses to print money] - it is ironic that Bitcoin could be viewed
as that, but it was designed so that the above corruption is not
possible. The ISOC IETF ICANN IANA regime design corrupt
structures and they recruit, promote, and showcase the people
who game the system the best, while ACTING like Eagle Scouts
and Mother Teresa.


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