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[I-coordination] A different model

Andrew Sullivan ajs at
Fri Dec 13 21:28:38 CET 2013

On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 01:24:30PM -0500, Lee Howard wrote:

> Related: each network operator decides what routes to carry, and how to
> decide what routes they will carry.  I don't see how (or why) the
> government of one country can affect the routing tables of network
> operators in other countries.

I completely agree with that, but I'd state it even more strongly.
The term "the Internet" actually just refers to the collection of
internetworks (i.e. networks of networks) in the world.  In that
sense, voluntary interconnection with local policy is an essential,
not accidental property.  It is certainly possible that national
governments could make rules about what any network operator must and
must not route; but at that point, we're no longer talking about "the
Internet" at all, but something else.

This is actually the underlying, fundamental point about network
neutrality rules: they're an attempt to keep the open and voluntary
interoperation mechanism in place, and to avoid various kinds of ties
between services.



Andrew Sullivan
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