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[I-coordination] ICANN's role vis-a-vis the Internet ecosystem

Grigori Saghyan gregor at
Fri Dec 13 19:32:09 CET 2013

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It is a good reference, thank you. We have lot of literature -
Internet give us such facility.
We can start to read lot of books, Samuel Morse is one of the pioneers.
But the question is very simple - could you please describe the
structure  and the decision making procedure in  ICANN?
Is it based on consensus? Or may be majority will decide? Or may be
there is a multi-stakeholder exact structure?
Grigori Saghyan

On 13.12.2013 22:20, JFC Morfin wrote:
> At 18:38 13/12/2013, Jorge Amodio wrote:
>> All the history is on-line, many papers, several books. You can
>> start by reading a paper from Jones Day about their side of the
>> history how ICANN was created, you can read Milton's two books
>> "Networks and States" and "Ruling the Root" There is a very good
>> thesis dissertation by Craig Lyle Simon from University of Miami
>> "Launching the DNS War" that can provide you a lot of insight,
>> and much more.
> Nathalie,
> If you want to understand what ICANN is about as a _technical_
> (what has to work in spite of poltics) function, you may also want
> to read:
> - Vint Cerf's internet project description: 
>  - the ICANN Internet Coordination Policy documents:
> -- ICP-1 --
> iCP-2 
>  -- ICP-3
> The ICANN governance documents:
> to understand how it is
> designed
> The affirmation of commitment: 
> Then to complete the vision in reading the
> documents.
> What is important to grasp, IMHO is the difference between
> namespace management (any namespace) and what results from history
> and uniform control by the I* stakeholderhsip (what is specific to
> the particular ICANN history and strategy).
> jfc
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