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[I-coordination] Outside-IN vs Inside-OUT vs Top-Down Bottom-Up

Techno CAT at
Fri Dec 13 06:20:58 CET 2013

The new "Movement" is OUTSIDE-IN

Avatars will come from the horizon and attack the NET with New Solutions

INSIDE-OUT is the style of the ISOC.IETF.IANA.ICANN Cronyism System
Insiders protect their fiefdom and rarely add more players.
ICANN has had decades to prove that scales.
DNS - Does Not Scale in the Central Big Brother Orwell Model

Top-Down and Bottom-Up are sometimes used to ignite people
on the bottom to play - King of the Hill with the Insiders
The well-funded Insiders [on Top] normally "win" by crushing
change with money.

With Outside-IN the new additions come from all directions
and draw people OUT to form a new layer or Ring. The Insiders
are left inside, exposed, and scheduled for extinction.

The ISOC ICANN ARIN dinosaurs [inside and contained] will
eventually become OBE - Overcome By Events [from the outside]
The ISOC ICANN ARIN dinosaurs have to huddle together and
conspire as they have done for decades. They can not expand
and scale to compete with the Outside-IN Movements which
can come from any direction.

The OUTSIDE-IN solutions can not be delivered via the NET
controlled by the insiders. Via USBs, DVDs, CDs, xBox-like
consoles the Outside-IN movements will surround the legacy
NET. Only the .COM and .NET DNS is needed as attachment

It is like storming the ISOC.ICANN.ARIN CASTLE Walls...
but stopping short to OCCUPY the area all around the perimeter
...the Postel and Crocker Rooms in the ICANN HQ can become
Museums...but are not needed for the current Movements...

...the Peer-2-Peer armies are trained and marching IN

Outside-IN vs Inside-OUT vs Top-Down Bottom-Up



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