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[I-coordination] .COM .NET and .ORG Update

Techno CAT at
Fri Dec 13 02:43:43 CET 2013

Before migrating to the Peer-2-Peer DNS using BitCoin [ DataCoin ]
technology - there is merit in keeping the .COM and .NET DNS zones
as STAGING Areas for Resource Records RRs.

.COM and .NET also become more critical when used to produce
some of the Uniqueness Services - negating the need for IANA and
ARIN. FOUR Symbol .COM domains and FIVE Symbol .NET domains
are used. Base32 is used for 5-bits per Symbol.

.ARPA should fade away from lack of use | understanding
IN-ADDR.ARPA Records are no longer updated in a rigorous manner

.ORG can be Sanctioned [for obvious reasons] by using the new
DNS Resolver feature that inserts artificial delays in queries.
It will slowly become unusable.

That leaves only .COM and .NET in the legacy DNS
Almost anything can be crafted into those zones.
[Example: IDN with]

With rough consensus and running code being placed into user's
hands and CPE devices via SneakerNets it will be impossible
for the ISOC IETF to crush the work.

ICANN will have their hands full with angry Applicants for new TLDs
and even more angry users who discover a DNS in chaos.

2014 should be a very interesting year on .EARTH

For those that visit .MARS - 128N 128E has a lot of history
Tourists are always coming and get their FREE and
open source software...

Bitcoin and Datacoin wallets make nice holiday gifts....


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