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[I-coordination] suggestions - style and substance of the Brazil meeting

Adam Peake ajp at
Thu Dec 12 17:26:51 CET 2013

Hi all.

Couple of emails follow that I sent to some civil society lists.  George Sadowsky and others had been talking about problems of representation and also concern about the lack substantive comment for next April's meeting.  These emails kind of try to address those ideas.  The second, which makes recommendations about possible style and substance of the Brazil meeting is based on a few ideas:

We do not need to start devising an agenda from scratch, there's a rich body of relevant work to build on, much of which was discussed at the IGF in Bali.
The Brazil meeting should be the start of a process, not a self-contained event; we do not need another 2 days of Internet governance chatter that leads nowhere.
The IGF is our best means to carry work forward: far from ideal, but it is the most significant, global multi-stakeholder process (and the work coming out of the Brazil meeting can hopefully strengthen the IGF and make it more relevant).  
President Rousseff's speech at the UN General Assembly earlier this year and the Montevideo Statement should be the basis of discussion in Brazil next April, and the basis of work the meeting sets in motion.  
The Brazil meeting should charter working groups to address the challenges Rousseff/Montevideo raise.  
The 2015 IGF in Brazil will be an ideal opportunity to receive the completed work from the working groups.

Two long emails to follow, I hope this makes more sense then.



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