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[I-coordination] Decorum on the 1net i-coordination mailing list...

John Curran jcurran at
Thu Dec 12 02:46:45 CET 2013

Hello All!
  A few folks have asked about whether this list is presently (or could be in the 
  future) moderated.   At the present time, I do not believe that there is any form 
  of moderation taking place, and given the desire for open participation by any
  and all towards the goal of improved Internet coordination, such an initial
  approach is seems quite reasonable.

  I will note that the Internet is a vast and diverse place, and input received on 
  improving Internet coordination may appear here in a wide range of forms 
  and relevance.  That variety is, in my personal opinion, an important feature
  of the Internet and should be preserved to the greatest extent possible, so 
  long as it does not interfere with informed discourse towards our goals.

  In general, it is best to take away from the list what you find of value, add
  to the discussion where you can contribute, and otherwise appreciate the
  the Internet in all of its wild diversity...  :-)
  If in the end the colorful variety of input on the list turns out to be interfering 
  with productive discussion, _and_ if there's a 1net Steering Committee, _and_
  if it adopts and communicates widely some norms of behavior for participation, 
  then a degree of moderation may be reasonable thereafter.  Even then, we need 
  to keep in mind that freedom of expression is an foundational principle for many 
  on this list, and hence only to be infringed with abundant diligence and care.

Thanks (and Happy Holidays!)

Disclaimers:  My views alone.  Pax in terra et omnia

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