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[I-coordination] Predictions | Decisons | Free Markets | Tea Leaves

Techno CAT at
Wed Dec 11 19:43:45 CET 2013

Predictions | Decisons | Free Markets | Tea Leaves

The USA has CLEARLY DECIDED to start over and build a new Net
without a focus on INTER [International]
The US States and FEMA Regions are going to be focal points for
providing the checks and balances needed in decision-making.

Some PSYCHO with no high-school education sitting in Palo Alto
will be allowed to shape the Internet Governance with BGP attacks.
That sort of Multi-Stakeholder MSH nonsense gets people killed.
The Stasi Net Psychos should be in US Federal Prisons - they are
instead selected [elected] by ICANN ISOC IETF ARIN etc.

The ARIN CEO demands bribes and $$$ kickbacks for Address
Space allocations. When that is discovered a new CEO is quietly
rolled in.

Prediction: The USA will likely encourage ICANN IANA to move to
Egypt, Syria or some other "better home".

Americans may look back in a few years and thank their ELECTED
leaders for REbuilding the premier telecommunication platform
on EARTH. MARS will also be part of that.

Predictions | Decisons | Free Markets | Tea Leaves



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