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[I-coordination] ICANN has enough money to "Sponsor" Assassinations

Techno CAT at
Wed Dec 11 18:11:29 CET 2013

ICANN has enough money to "Sponsor" Assassinations

Multistakeholder MSH implies that some Psycho with a BGP pipe
can redirect [toss] YOUR packets if you criticize the IANA Clerics

Moving yourself, your friends and family AWAY from the STASI NET
may result in more SneakerNets with USB, CDs, DVDs passed
around to be INJECTED from outside the reach of the Psychos
that [currently] control the core packet platform.

The US Government is becoming more educated about the
fragile dangerous mess the MSH Psychos have constructed.
Several new Internets are being developed to protect Americans.

The good news is that the ISOC IETF ICANN IANA MSH Stasi Net
is well-documented, closely watched, and not invited to any
new developments.

Pray the Stasi Net will become OBE - Overcome By Events.
Your life may someday depend on that.

ICANN has enough money to "Sponsor" Assassinations



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