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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

Jorge Amodio jmamodio at
Wed Dec 11 18:00:34 CET 2013

Dear Carlos,

first of all I'm not a big soccer fan.
Second, I don't mix feelings into professional discussions and debate even
if I'm passionate about the subject.
Third, I'll not deny that very often my comments need to be taken with some
calcium, also as you know, English is not my first language so many times
I'll go straight to the point with perhaps brute and crude words.

I do not discount the importance of the massive surveillance issue, but it
can not be framed just on the context of the paranoia and sensationalist
treatment the media is given to Snowdenia, and many of the reactions (one
of the reasons I consider this open dialog and preparation for the Brazil
meeting with very high value) like proposals of balkanizing the Internet
that have no common sense or technical sense at all, and will affect more
adversely local users than the overall Internet.

The issue of surveillance is NOT a technical problem. Yes we can have a
discussion about technology to improve and increase privacy and security,
but both concepts are relative, not absolute. There is no amount of crypto
you can dump into the problem.

It will be almost impossible to reach consensus on such a broad list of
issues and participating sectors, where the basic understanding of the
essentials differ so much from one group to another.

What we can do is to reach an "agreement" on basic principles and what are
the areas that need coordination and how to achieve it. In the ICANNsphere
and IGFsphere now this is being called "enhanced cooperation", we do not
need full consensus for it.

Best Regards

(*) I have no clue who Ponte Preta is.
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