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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

Carlos A. Afonso ca at
Wed Dec 11 16:32:14 CET 2013

Dear folks,

Jorge is known for his acid remarks (he is probably Boca Juniors, while
I am Flamengo(*) :)) -- Alejandro Pisanty has a serious competitor here
--, but he always means well. I don't agree it is BS but I do agree this
is not a thread to be pursued at this point.

Actually I am very concerned about the risks of the cybersecurity theme
dominating the discussions in São Paulo -- but the organizers (me
included, please kick me as needed) are trying their best for this not
being so (and we ( hat here) need the help of the "communities" or
"stakeholders" or "interest groups" in this). I think by now you all are
aware that you can communicate with the organizing group directly
through brmeeting at

For me *personally* the greatest challenge at this point is in the hands
of the so-called "technical" community. Massive violations of privacy
rights are happening at the lower layers of the Net (fiber cables, main
IXP routers and so on), and the techies are aware (or should be aware)
that effective measures are taken to secure these weaker links of what
we call the Internet (with a capital "I").

All we need is to try to build consensus -- and I cannot imagine a
bigger challenge than building consensus around an international set of
Internet-related principles built with a focus on human rights.

fraternal regards


(*) today I am Ponte Preta, and Jorge is quite probably Lanus :)

On 12/10/2013 05:15 PM, Jorge Amodio wrote:
> IMHO this is a big pile of sensationalist and opportunistic BS to skew
> the discussion in the wrong direction, and as I said before I strongly
> believe it can't be the driving force for an open and constructive
> discussion about an open discussion among all players regarding Internet
> coordination and governance.
> Keep the focus on this BS and you are just calling for the Evil Empire
> to strike again.
> My .02
> Jorge
>     Now we have the "five-eyes" group of countries which are part of the
>     most massive, pervasive, permanent violation of private rights ever --
>     this pervasiness and massive no-barriers operation with state-of-the-art
>     techs, special legislation and money-is-no-object power involves five of
>     the so-called advanced democracies (yes, NZ and AU included), spying on
>     their own citizens at will, and on any other citizen in the world,
>     violating constitutions, bills of rights, fairness in trial and
>     prosecution, you name it. And the major objective is not security, is
>     economic leverage (latest case: Aussies unlawfully peeking into East
>     Timorese offices to gain leverage in an oil&gas exploration deal).
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