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[I-coordination] ICANN's role vis-a-vis the Internet ecosystem

Avri Doria avri at
Wed Dec 11 14:27:25 CET 2013


While there are many threats to ICANN's multi stakeholder legitimacy, as pointed out by people like Milton who are deeply involved in the process of improving ICANN, I think it goes too far to condemn it as illegitimate. 

Some  us still still find good cause for continuing enthusiasm, despite our frequent disappointments.

For example as a member of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team (draft report open for comment - called replies - until 13 Dec ) I have seen the beginnings of  bottom-up oversight. It still remains to be seen how well it work out in the long run, but at this point I see promise for a method by which a free standing ICANN multistakeholder could be achieved. Of course a lot of work remains to be done in this crucible of pluralistic participatory governance, but it has the best chance of any entity I can find at this point in time.

If some of that can be brought into other efforts via 1net, all the better.
Avri Doria

Nathalie Coupet <nathaliecoupet at> wrote:
>Good morning George,
>It can be hard to be enthusiastic about participating in ICANN's
>structure(s) when there seems to be such a deficit in legitimacy:
>Robert Mueller and Mr. Walker from the University of Zurich has well
>documented them. 
>If we could better understand the trade-offs of such organizational
>choices (bringing to light the hidden aspects of the iceberg), it might
>reduce the frustration of all participants and future volunteers at
>ICANN and inject some new blood in the WGs. 
>My .02 cents
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