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[I-coordination] The Key Word is CONTROL - Partial or Overall

Techno CAT at
Wed Dec 11 02:09:00 CET 2013

The Key Word is CONTROL - Partial or Overall

The Centralized 1984 Orwellian Model used by IANA ICANN ISOC IETF
claims Overall Control is Their Way... or you hit the highway...

A more natural and civilized model is Peer-2-Peer.
Recent disclosures [without IETF] of Virtual Currency help
to demonstrate what can be done.

Many people will not participate in the toxic
environment of the ISOC PIR IETF ICANN IANA Bully Culture.
They are building a better Internet. They have to protect their
work. They have no obligation to disclose their work to ICANN.

The Jack-Booted Thugs and Control Freaks who have dominated
the Internet Eco.System for decades are well-known and
documented. The vast majority of Internet users do not connect
directly to the legacy Internet. One-by-one they will be carefully
recruited to protect themselves and families from the Stasi Internet.

The Key Word is CONTROL - Partial or Overall


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