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[I-coordination] A different model

Roland Perry roland at
Tue Dec 10 20:34:37 CET 2013

In message 
<20131210155658.19FE621AB6 at>, at 
16:56:47 on Tue, 10 Dec 2013, JFC Morfin <jefsey at> writes
>>That's why traditional broadcast media are still relatively speaking
>>under control because they have licences to lose. ISPs and their
>>customers don't.
>Hence the OpenScript correct assumption that this a matter to be "in" 
>or "out". If you are "in" the normative model you must go by its 
>enforced rules and can share in the "huge bounty" resulting from the 
>internet and the web. If you are "out" of the normative model you are 
>entitled to nothing.

If you are "out", as you describe it, you can still share the bounty, 
even more so given that with no [goverment-gifted] licence to lose you 
can misbehave almost as much as you want in order to further your 
commercial goals.
Roland Perry

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