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[I-coordination] A different model

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Tue Dec 10 16:56:47 CET 2013

At 16:10 10/12/2013, Roland Perry wrote:
>That's why traditional broadcast media are still relatively speaking
>under control because they have licences to lose. ISPs and their
>customers don't.

Hence the OpenScript correct assumption that this a matter to be "in" 
or "out". If you are "in" the normative model you must go by its 
enforced rules and can share in the "huge bounty" resulting from the 
internet and the web. If you are "out" of the normative model you are 
entitled to nothing.

This is the 40 years on-going "BUG", i.e. the ban on uncontrolled 
globalizing/governance, i.e. other global conceptions/uses than the 
ARPA-IETF/W3C governance.

There are two objections to this I*BUG:

1. is the use of alternative models. This is dubbed "balkanization" 
(what would mean that the technology is so poor that it cannot 
support diversity).
2. full fringe to fringe interintelligibility rather than restricted 
end to end interoperability. This is Brian Carpenter's RFC 1958 
("everything else at the fringe") internet architectural principle to 
address the need. Problem it kills the I*monopoly (and any other 
"radical monopoly" (Ivan Illich) attempt).

WCIT has shown that several large interest coalitions were possibly 
emerging which can sponsor global architectures (i.e. 
"balkanizations"). Snowden has made the awareness level to increase. 
This better protect lead users developments from being hijacked by 
crime. As a result, it is likely that the real intended internet that 
people whish to discuss is already quite different from the one 1NET 
and US led (cf. letter of the 8 industry leaders) conservative 
efforts whish to maintain the status quo.


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