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[I-coordination] Surveillance by Governments around the world

Norbert Bollow nb at
Tue Dec 10 10:28:14 CET 2013

sivasubramanian muthusamy <6.internet at> wrote:

> But the Military and Intelligence organs of Governments  find a way to
> ensure that ubiquitous crypto is levels below the crypto available to
> Military and Intelligence. :)  In other words, the crypto available
> to the common man is always well within their ability to break.

What is the basis for that claim?

In my view, describes a much more plausible risk.

In any case, unpleasant as the various "secret services and law
enforcement can use physical access to devices and information holders
to access secrets" scenarios are, with the exception of totally
totalitarian societies, they don't lead to pervasive surveillance.

Even a hypothetical ability of say the NSA to crack any "crypto
available to the common man" wouldn't imply that the pervasive
surveillance couldn't be stopped by using reasonably strong encryption
on everything. 


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