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[I-coordination] Beyond the Tin Can and Kite String NotWork

Techno CAT at
Mon Dec 9 23:51:34 CET 2013

Beyond the Tin Can and Kite String NotWork

Many people are not aware that the early Internets were built the
same as Tin Can and Kite String [Childhood Tree House] systems.
Your packets might be flowing thru the school-yard Bullies' node.

Multistakeholder implies that juvenile delinquents with no
high-school education can dominate the labor-union-like
Internet Governance structures. Academics coddle them,
and travel and party to keep the circus going.

Money has entered the picture mostly in the form of
lawyer-concocted TAX systems that fund insiders to travel
as a cartel - promoting their "Eco.System". Non-Profit
Corporate structures have been used and abused to hide
what are clearly PRIVATE self-serving enterprises under the
banner of Public-Benefit. The Public was never consulted.

With governments and adult supervision now entering the
picture, the tide is starting to turn. Several NEW Internets
are being built from the ground up. The Cartels, unions,
"societies", clubs, and self-appointed Vigilantes are not
invited to help.

fooling anyone. The long track-record of inflated salaries and
tax and spend agendas can not be hidden. Inflated titles and
resume-building opportunists can rush in to watch the paint
dry for $$$,$$$ per year. Those $$$ have to come from some

It seems unlikely that Civil Society and Educated Consumers
will continue funding the "Eco.System" of juveniles with Tin Cans
and Kite String.

The Emperor has no clothes... no attention to the 3-piece suit...

Beyond the Tin Can and Kite String NotWork


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