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[I-coordination] on the issue of equality of stakeholders

marie-laure Lemineur mllemineur at
Mon Dec 9 18:44:02 CET 2013

To the following question "Can we have equality between (sometimes
stateless) stakeholders where "national security" is concerned?  Or where
rules and procedures for content removal are concerned?  Or where copyright
takedown procedures are concerned?  Or when a domain name is unilaterally
seized by a
government?  Or when responding to those governments protecting privacy
violation by domestic companies of foreign nationals?  Or taxation of
online services?".

There is a big distinction between "being equal" and  "being equal in

All stakeholders have the right to participate, provide inputs, influence
agendas, have the same opportunities to speak up, etc. The way the process
is organized and  the agenda is set,  should reflect this.

This is what "being equal in rights" implies. But this does not exclude
that some stakeholders have more power than others, have more political
weight, etc.

My two cents....

Marie-laure Lemineur
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