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[I-coordination] Something to engage with

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Mon Dec 9 17:55:44 CET 2013

At 15:07 09/12/2013, Fouad Bajwa wrote:
>Have a look at:
>I believe this is something this group may want to start working with
>other than the issue of the Brazil meeting.

I tend to be suspicious about big characters 1 page sites (ex. 1NET) 
signed by big names.
Or even more structured ones like or
These big names one also find in

All this really looks like new global e-sovereigns challenging local 
existing sovereigns and trying to trick and enroll me. I fail to see 
what is good for me in all this. I am more and more interested in 
investigating people national, local coalitions to resist them. If my 
data are to be in a cloud somewhere, I frankly prefer they are is in 
my village's "haze" I will co-manage, than in the NSA's "cloud" for 
the BUG to algorithmically control me.


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