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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

Pranesh Prakash pranesh at
Mon Dec 9 17:26:06 CET 2013

Jorge Amodio [2013-12-09 07:09]:
> Do you really think that multistakeholderism where all stakeholders are at the same level can or will ever exist ?

Can we have equality between (sometimes stateless) stakeholders where
"national security" is concerned?  Or where rules and procedures for
content removal are concerned?  Or where copyright takedown procedures
are concerned?  Or when a domain name is unilaterally seized by a
government?  Or when responding to those governments protecting privacy
violation by domestic companies of foreign nationals?  Or taxation of
online services?

What are the multi-stakeholder processes that would help resolves these?
 What are the appropriate fora?  Do we now expect all governments and
all intergovernmental agencies to become multi-stakeholder, else not
dabble in anything concerning the Internet?  Is the ITU a stakeholder or
should it be a multi-stakeholder venue?

If governments had been present in equal numbers as engineers and
scientists and corporations at IETF 88, would "privacy against pervasive
monitoring" have been "considered on an equal footing with other
security issues"?

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