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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

Nigel Hickson nigel.hickson at
Mon Dec 9 14:18:11 CET 2013

Olivier and Colleagues

Good afternoon to all on this lovely sunny day!

Just to note (have been conversing with the European Commission on the
development of their IG Communication) that this article refers to an
earlier draft; it does not necessarily represent the final draft that will
not be adopted until the New Year.



On 12/9/13 10:12 AM, "Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond" <ocl at> wrote:

>Hello all,
>whilst we're all discussing who's going to be sitting physically at the
>table in Brazil, the world moves on and our colleagues in Europe might
>have some (real) work to do:
>Kind regards,
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