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[I-coordination] Europe at a tipping point?

Carlos A. Afonso ca at
Mon Dec 9 12:48:21 CET 2013

Hi people, I would like to read the whole document. I think IGP's
analysis may be overreacting and may be misleading, but it would be
great to read the whole doc first.

Two quick points which are independent of the doc's content:

- is not "state-led";

- "in their respective roles" is in fact ethereal and also includes the
"respective roles" of governments, whatever this means -- it is of such
generic scope that one cannot conclude that the world will end just by
the mention of this.


On 12/09/2013 07:12 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:
> Hello all,
> whilst we're all discussing who's going to be sitting physically at the
> table in Brazil, the world moves on and our colleagues in Europe might
> have some (real) work to do:
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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