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[I-coordination] Reading the TEA LEAVES - 40+ Years of I* Manipulations

Techno CAT at
Sat Dec 7 19:31:49 CET 2013

Reading the TEA LEAVES - 40+ Years of I* Manipulations

As 2013 comes to an end there is a STRANGE sense of URGENCY and what appears
to be a fabricated fire-drill to reshape Internet Governance with a
New Movement.

1. It is clear that this is a TOP DOWN (those with the MONEY) driven
agenda. That is easily proved with documents[1], meetings, statements,

2. The directives call for ATTENTION to be SHIFTED AWAY from the ISOC
ICANN IETF machine. The IGF is selected as a convenient scape-goat. It
is a black-hole talk shop
that will not threaten the ISOC ICANN IETF trio with their IANA RIR lock-ins.

3. While people are being DISTRACTED....what is really going on ?
FEB 2014
ICANN is "acting like" newGTLD applications are being processed night and day
PIR is being Born Again ($$$)
IETF is running around tilting at the NSA wind-mills and discussing
RFC ASCII formats vs XML

What is the REAL AGENDA ?
Simple Distract the Public AWAY from the I* RIR DNS
Multi-Level-Marketing GoldMines
Create or support Talk Shops that will have no impact on the GoldMines
....and then point to Bottom-Up Multi-Stakeholderism as PROOF of Support
from the so-called "Community" - while the insiders continue to travel and party
and TAX the Netizens...

...Reading the TEA LEAVES - 40+ Years of I* Manipulations

[1] AUGUST 13, 2013
Internet Governance is Our Shared Responsibility



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