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[I-coordination] Where are we after Bali and BA?

michael gurstein gurstein at
Sat Dec 7 18:42:33 CET 2013

Hi Adiel,

I may have missed it in the flurry of discussions going on, on the various
lists but I would very much appreciate some clarification as to what you are
looking for in terms of "nominations" for the Inet Steering Committee and
from whom you will accept these nominations. Also, what criteria you will be
using for selection and finally a definition if possible of the various
"stakeholder" groups which have been identified.  

I'm specifically interested in the "Academic" and "Civil Society"
stakeholder groups as the network whose "hat" I am wearing in this context,
that of the Community Informatics community deliberately crosses over
between "academia" and "civil society" (with significant participation from
government/policy and from grassroots/community oriented techies as
well.)... I say "deliberately" because our orientation is towards enabling
the grassroots and grassroots communities with ICTs and we think that an
effective partnership between all of these is the only useful way to proceed
to achieve this.

Having said that, we are now recognizing the need, even the urgency to have
that perspective/those voices recognized in the global and other policy
spheres and so I'm wondering how and where we would most usefully situate
ourselves so as to "volunteer" for the Inet Steering Committee as



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