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[I-coordination] Why the NEW Push (Support) for IGF ? WHO is behind 1NET ? Why ?

Techno CAT at
Sat Dec 7 18:41:09 CET 2013

As with most movements in the so-called "Multi-Stakeholder"
"Bottom-Up" I* Eco.System... does not take long to find the TOP DOWN directives behind the scenes

AUGUST 13, 2013
Internet Governance is Our Shared Responsibility

This essay looks at the the different roles that multistakeholder
institutions play in the Internet governance ecosystem. We propose a
model for thinking of Internet governance within the context of the
Internet's layered model. We use the example of the negotiations in
Dubai in 2102 at the World Conference on International
Telecommunications as an illustration for why it is important for
different institutions within the governance system to focus on their
respective areas of expertise (e.g., the ITU, ICANN, and IGF). Several
areas of conflict (a "tussle") are reviewed, such as the desire to
promote more broadband infrastructure, a topic that is in the remit of
the International Telecommunications Union, but also the recurring
desire of countries like Russia and China to use the ITU to regulate
content and restrict free expression on the Internet through onerous
cybersecurity and spam provisions. We conclude that it is folly to try
and regulate all these areas through an international treaty, and
encourage further development of mechanisms for global debate like the
Internet Governance Forum (IGF).



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