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[I-coordination] Nominations to /1Net Steering committee & Brazil Meeting Organising commitees

Nick Ashton-Hart nashton at
Sat Dec 7 01:34:53 CET 2013

+1. Do we really need more suspicions of one another - when it is easy to just ask a question?

John Curran <jcurran at> wrote:
>On Dec 7, 2013, at 3:47 AM, Fouad Bajwa <fouadbajwa at> wrote:
>> I wonder how and when did Fadi receive a mandate to move out beyond
>> ICANN and step into the political economy space of Internet
>> and multilateral activities which led to interventions with a
>> government that was actually also a signatory of the WCIT outcome
>> document? Does this also assert that ICANN is trying to move beyond
>> its mandate into an ITU attempted take over of the Internet
>> space that was attempted at the WCIT?
>If you wish to know about ICANN's "mandate" or plans in this area,
>have you considered asking Fadi?  
>> If 1Net is a completely different and separate space from the
>> Montevideo assertion then I would like to learn how did this gap
>> evolve in the first place where the need for such a coalition was
>> felt?
>1net is not a completely different and separate space from the
>Montevideo Statement.  1net trying to further those goals, and 
>its formation was discussed in Montevideo and further discussed
>at several sessions at the Bali IGF. The Brazil meeting was not 
>discussed at the Montevideo meeting, nor was it part of the 
>statement released afterward.   
>> My interest comes from the fact that about 90% of the people
>> involved in this group's mailing list in the first month of its
>> creation are all either IGF MAG members or ICANN community
>> members....and if they have felt that the IGF or ICANN settings and
>> meetings are insufficient to address their prevailing concerns, why
>> haven't they resigned and left the IGF MAG or ICANN AC/OC's and taken
>> on this quote n quote "movement"?
>As I see it, 1net does not need to displace or preempt any existing
>activities in the Internet governance space, and in fact, could be 
>a useful supplement to existing IGF activities.  Many of us are very
>strong supporters of IGF and don't see that changing - can you explain
>why you view this as an "either/or" proposition?
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