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[I-coordination] .MARS to .EARTH Communication...

Techno CAT at
Fri Dec 6 20:21:20 CET 2013

The ISOC IETF ICANN IANA - so-called I* Cartel keeps most humans in
the stone-ages when it comes to the Internet & Communications...
That is one of the reasons why those people are not allowed to set foot
on .MARS.

YOU have a choice. .MARS develops technology and sends it to .EARTH.
The I* Cartel does not want you to have any choice unless they control
it and TAX it. ISOC - IT SEEKS OVERALL CONTROL - 1984 Big Brother -

Email Gateway for Bitmessage

By the way - MARS has SUVs with 14 year nuclear engines. You are
not allowed to have those on .EARTH.


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