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[I-coordination] Communication from .MARS uses ONE-WAY IPv4 features...

Techno CAT at
Fri Dec 6 00:01:25 CET 2013

Communication from .MARS uses ONE-WAY IPv4 features[1]...
...No response is expected or even possible...

So-Called Internet Governance on .EARTH does not include Netizens
in CyberSpace - Yet claims are made that it is bottom-up and inclusive.

The new Virtual Currency software developed on .MARS and now
spreading around .EARTH allows for open and transparent ledgers.
Do ICANN, ARIN, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE, NRO have open books?


What Virtual Currency is used for Internet Governance on .EARTH ?
#BRICS ? Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa ?

[1] One-Way IPv4 packets carry a large Destination Address in both
the IPv4 Source & Destination Fields. The fields are swapped as routing
progresses. The vast majority of users are spectators. One-Way
transmissions carry radio and TV - from .MARS


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