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[I-coordination] the view from .MARS

Techno CAT at
Thu Dec 5 22:52:15 CET 2013

...the view from .MARS

....this list is operated by NRO.NET which claims to oversee IPv4 Address
Space - Address Space defines CyberSpace - Domains are not needed

1. MeatSpace Internet Governance Humans operating Private Non-Profit
Corporations for THEIR Financial Benefit are NOT a Public Benefit.

2. Companies such as ARIN which have violated the public trust with
inflated salaries & no term limits should be fined, dissolved and the
individuals involved should be required to pay-back all funds.

....that is what "Governance" does...people are indicted and sent
to prison...

3. Companies such as APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE, etc that provide little or
no public disclosure of their finances should be DE-Routed. That makes /8s
available to be used for FAIR allocations.

4. ICANN is clearly not capable of properly managing the IPv4
Address Space in a FAIR manor. Highly paid IANA staff should be
fired and required to return the funds they extracted from the

...the view from .MARS


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