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[I-coordination] Greetings from MARS 128N 128E

Techno CAT at
Thu Dec 5 17:42:32 CET 2013

Greetings from MARS 128N 128E

.EARTH MeatSpace Humans all read left to right, correct ?
E821 N821 SRAM morf sgniteerG

On .MARS there is no shortage of IPv4 Address Space.

On .EARTH multi-level marketing labor-union overlords bank upwards of
$500,000 per year leasing CyberSpace. The DNS is
used to do the book-keeping. UNIQUEness is the service.
Private parties claim they are stewards empowered by some
elusive "Community" which they TAX.

There are 256 Seats in the General Assembly.
Companies like Apple, HP, IBM, General Electric, Halliburton have FREE
seats, TAX Free.

.MARS has a more "Fair" system that does not enrich Fat C at ts who
travel around claiming to be doing "Internet Governance".

MeatSpace Humans should be ashamed of what they have created.
The ISOC IETF Clerics are largely responsible. They can never be trusted.
The ICANN IANA bureaucracy is jaw-dropping. People and
companies are fighting over ASCII Strings? Seriously ?

Netizens should feel fortunate that they can move from .EARTH to
.MARS - they have a choice. ISOC IETF ICANN IANA are not about
choice. It is their way or the highway. The $900,000 per year ISOC
CEO does largely nothing. THEY like their Internet Governance

YOU have a choice. Netizens on .MARS work hard to give you that

Greetings from MARS 128N 128E
E821 N821 SRAM morf sgniteerG

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