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[I-coordination] Nominations to /1Net Steering committee & Brazil Meeting Organising commitees

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Thu Dec 5 17:01:38 CET 2013

At 16:22 05/12/2013, Klaus Stoll wrote:
>My simple point or question is: Should we move together or not.

Dear Klaus,

the question is: who are "we"?
second question is: who is 1NET?
third question is: who is to select the steering committee of what?

The internet is by definition a financial rough consensus where 
people vote with their money (subscriptions, investments) and their 
time (FLOSS, voluntaries). Betrand de la Chapelle once explained Paul 
Twomey that France was concerned by those in the world who had not 
access yet to the internet. Paul answered he was concerned by those 
who were paying him.

In situations where money and common good oppose, things resolve to 
power. What is you operational capacity to impose your positions?

Today, a few documentational leaders (standards, names and numbers) 
have decided to exercise their power of indluence (RFC 3935) along a 
new paradigm (OpenStand) and with a new emphasis (Montevideo 
Statement) in order to attempt what may only be a coup at the 
occasion of a political situation (Snowden falls-out) weakening their 
monitor (USG).

That this situation may happen only shows the weakeness of the whole 
set-up. IMHO as CS individual users our interest is to consider how 
to protect ourselves from all this mess, not to participate into it. 
This means: how can we make our network use the least dependant from 
ICANN, RIRs, IETF, W3C, Govs. The less they will have powers on us, 
the more we will have power on them.

Example: how do you do when a domain name of yours is hi-jacked by 
your own registrar, who then refuses to respond your mails? This will 
immediately clarify who has the power. (I suppose I will lose another 
.org name today ?).


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