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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Milton L Mueller mueller at
Thu Dec 5 15:26:03 CET 2013


>I am much more troubled by the idea of somehow selecting
>representatives (along the lines of representative democracy) for
>various ill-defined "constituencies" than I am by the idea that
>someone motivated, thoughtful, and careful just does some things and
>might make a wrong decision.  

That's because you know and trust Adiel. Some of us here also do, but other's don't know him that well while still others have good reasons to be suspicious of the I* organizations, who are after all running the governance institutions we are seeking to discuss and possibly reform.  

>If this is truly supposed to be
>bottom-up, then those who have the energy and time and enthusiasm
>should just get to work, and not wait for the creation of a rules
>subcommittee that can weigh the merits of different selection rules

I think we've already been through that phase. 1net was set up in that way. Now it's time to try to win buy-in and participation from other groups. If too many decisions are made and processes set in motion without doing that, most people will just tune out.

> In bootstrap mode, I think
>we should be lax on process and keen to throw things away in case of
>error.  Later, we will need formalism.  Now, we need action by people
>with good judgement.

As of now we have no process. Different groups are trying to come up with names in their own, highly non-formal way. Hope you can be supportive of that. And if you've seen Parminder's message, you will realize that there are a few civil society groups who want their own, separate channels into the process. It's complicated.  

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