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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Thu Dec 5 14:23:00 CET 2013


At 20:20 04/12/2013, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 05:28:20PM +0000, John Curran wrote:
> >   Unless we want Adiel as the acting 1net coordinator simply making
> >   the decision on all such matters (which is also an option, as he's
> >   quite bright and capable :-), a 1net steering committee would
> >   probably be desired.
>I hereby suggest that we defer to Adiel as a temporary expedient until
>the mechanisms for identifying the relevant other volunteers are
>clear.  (It seems to me that this policy is in fact already in place,
>but maybe I'm wrong.)  If it turns out that some other people who have
>apparent good judgement and a tendency when unsure to consult widely
>also want to volunteer, I am unlikely to object.
>I am much more troubled by the idea of somehow selecting
>representatives (along the lines of representative democracy) for
>various ill-defined "constituencies" than I am by the idea that
>someone motivated, thoughtful, and careful just does some things and
>might make a wrong decision.  If this is truly supposed to be
>bottom-up, then those who have the energy and time and enthusiasm
>should just get to work, and not wait for the creation of a rules
>subcommittee that can weigh the merits of different selection rules
>for the relevant work-governing committee.  In bootstrap mode, I think
>we should be lax on process and keen to throw things away in case of
>error.  Later, we will need formalism.  Now, we need action by people
>with good judgement.
>I am fully prepared to be way out in the rough on this, so feel free
>to ignore me.
>Andrew Sullivan
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