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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

JFC Morfin jefsey at
Thu Dec 5 14:26:04 CET 2013

all this was prepared and in line with RFC 6852. This is wht I 
appealed it at the IESG and IAB level and I am planned to do it at 
ISOC level. However, I think that it would be premature to demand an 
iStar response through Bob Hinden. It is better to see what 1NET 
comes out with.

At 21:18 04/12/2013, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
>On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 07:33:48PM +0000, Roland Perry wrote:
> > In message <20131204165728.GE22945 at>, at 11:57:28 on Wed,
> > 4 Dec 2013, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at> remarked:
> > >The difficulty I'm having with this request is that I'm not sure who
> > >could speak for the so-called Technical Community (I say so-called
> > >because I'm not even sure it's a meaningful category).
> >
> > You could start with the signatories of the Montevideo Statement, who
> > declared themselves to be "The leaders of organizations responsible for
> > coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure globally".
>Those are rather different categories.  It is certainly true that
>Jari, in his role as IESG/IETF Chair, and Russ, in his role as IAB
>Chair, count as leaders of two of those organizations.  Moreover, if
>you read that statement carefully, you will note that it is a report
>of a meeting among individuals.
>It would be quite another matter for either Jari or Russ to claim to
>be leaders of the Technical Community.  I'd be gobsmacked if either of
>them tried without a great deal of care and qualification.  Moreover,
>the IETF has a very clear mechanism by which it can ask someone to
>represent its views.  That mechanism is the IETF consensus call.  The
>IETF and IAB Chairs of course act as leaders, but in general the IETF
>doesn't elect people to speak for it.  (In this respect, the IETF and
>IAB Chairs are not like CEOs.  They don't have quite the same
>organizational backing.)
>Treading on these traditions is likely to cause a backlash in the
>relevant community (in this case, the IETF).  I think it's important
>either to be super careful about all this (in which case, we need to
>move slowly), or else to be fast-and-loose about all this
>organizational detail until some more concrete plans can be discussed.
>What I think will _not_ work is to be fast and careless but to pretend
>to be careful.  That will inevitably lead to backlash.  Anyone who
>followed any of the discussion about this effort over on the IETF list
>will understand what I mean, I think.
>Andrew Sullivan
>ajs at
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