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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Roland Perry roland at
Thu Dec 5 13:03:26 CET 2013

In message <6146ec36-8e2c-4c65-9535-59d7439ddf30 at default>, at 03:11:00 
on Thu, 5 Dec 2013, Joe Alhadeff <joseph.alhadeff at> writes
>I will not provide an opinion on the nuances of what attribution 
>statements may have from other groups, but I thought it might be useful 
>to lay out my understanding of how business is perceiving the role of 
>the nominated representatives.  As you can imagine business has the 
>same issues as the other stakeholders in trying to understand how to 
>agree on representatives from diverse sectors, geographies and issue 
>interests.  We also face the issue of volunteering for a black box 
>exercise, because until we meet we are not sure of the related process 
>or exact function of each of the groups being created. We also believe 
>that the term representative, as in representative democracy, may be 
>misleading.  We do not see the Business reps as the final decision 
>makers but rather as the liaisons who participate in meetings and the 
>development of messages and exploration of ideas, but will consult with 
>the broader stakeholder group related to positions going in and any 
>decisions made related to drafts

I completely agree that the role of representatives at this stage in the 
process (of the steering committee) should be that of a liaison.

This makes it important for everyone to understand who is representing 
such a body that they will be liaising with, and who is only 
representing themselves (ie "speaking in their personal capacity").
Roland Perry

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