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[I-coordination] Nominations to /1Net Steering committee & Brazil Meeting Organising commitees

Stephen Farrell stephen.farrell at
Thu Dec 5 11:52:28 CET 2013

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Hi Adiel,

On 12/05/2013 10:01 AM, Adiel Akplogan wrote:
> Dear all,
> In order to bring some clarity in to this let me remind us that
> each stakeholder group (Business (done), Civil Society, Technical 
> community, Academia) is requested to appoint/nominate a total of 9 
> people:

FWIW, I have no idea how the above is supposed to work. But
passing on...

> - 2 people for the Brazil meeting's preparation committee-1: 
> Multistakeholder High-Level Committee
> *** This is the committee that will set the high-level political
> tone and objectives of the conference. Committee members will
> engage on a global level with stakeholders to encourage
> participation in the conference and maximize its chances of
> success
> - 2 people for the Brazil meeting's preparation Committee 3: 
> Multistakeholder Executive Committee
> **** This committee owns the full responsibility of organizing the 
> event, including: defining conference purpose/agenda, managing 
> invitations, organizing input received by March 1 into a coherent
> set of proposals for the conferees to address, managing conference 
> proceedings and process, and directing all communications
> activities pre-during-post conference.

I'd love to have seen some discussion of the meaty content
of the above but I don't think I have.

> - 5 people to constitute the /1Net Steering committee

And I have no clue at all as to what needs steering.

> Let me suggest December 15 as deadline to have the nominations
> from

Could I suggest December 4th as a deadline for starting to
discuss actual Internet topics here? :-)

I think the key thing for me is "the set of proposals for
the conferees to address" - before I'll have any idea or
position as to the organisational stuff, I'd like to see at
least some discussion of that.

So what are these proposals?


> all the groups. Once you have your list, please forward it to me 
> directly or share with the mailing lists. Please allow me to
> request that we, on this list respect what each group will come up
> with. It is for each interested group to organise themselves to
> select their reps and we must respect that.
> Thanks.
> - a.
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