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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Andrew Sullivan ajs at
Wed Dec 4 21:18:50 CET 2013

On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 07:33:48PM +0000, Roland Perry wrote:
> In message <20131204165728.GE22945 at>, at 11:57:28 on Wed, 
> 4 Dec 2013, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at> remarked:

> >The difficulty I'm having with this request is that I'm not sure who
> >could speak for the so-called Technical Community (I say so-called
> >because I'm not even sure it's a meaningful category).
> You could start with the signatories of the Montevideo Statement, who 
> declared themselves to be "The leaders of organizations responsible for 
> coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure globally".

Those are rather different categories.  It is certainly true that
Jari, in his role as IESG/IETF Chair, and Russ, in his role as IAB
Chair, count as leaders of two of those organizations.  Moreover, if
you read that statement carefully, you will note that it is a report
of a meeting among individuals.

It would be quite another matter for either Jari or Russ to claim to
be leaders of the Technical Community.  I'd be gobsmacked if either of
them tried without a great deal of care and qualification.  Moreover,
the IETF has a very clear mechanism by which it can ask someone to
represent its views.  That mechanism is the IETF consensus call.  The
IETF and IAB Chairs of course act as leaders, but in general the IETF
doesn't elect people to speak for it.  (In this respect, the IETF and
IAB Chairs are not like CEOs.  They don't have quite the same
organizational backing.)

Treading on these traditions is likely to cause a backlash in the
relevant community (in this case, the IETF).  I think it's important
either to be super careful about all this (in which case, we need to
move slowly), or else to be fast-and-loose about all this
organizational detail until some more concrete plans can be discussed.
What I think will _not_ work is to be fast and careless but to pretend
to be careful.  That will inevitably lead to backlash.  Anyone who
followed any of the discussion about this effort over on the IETF list
will understand what I mean, I think.



Andrew Sullivan
ajs at

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