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[I-coordination] What is 1net to me?

Roland Perry roland at
Wed Dec 4 20:33:48 CET 2013

In message <20131204165728.GE22945 at>, at 11:57:28 on Wed, 
4 Dec 2013, Andrew Sullivan <ajs at> remarked:
>On Wed, Dec 04, 2013 at 11:03:19AM +0000, John Curran wrote:
>> Could the other stakeholder groups on the mailing list please
>> identify if they are working on identifying names for the 1net
>> steering committee?  I am aware that Civil Society is working
>> on such from the attached email from Sala, but do not know
>> about the Technical or Academic communities...
>The difficulty I'm having with this request is that I'm not sure who
>could speak for the so-called Technical Community (I say so-called
>because I'm not even sure it's a meaningful category).

You could start with the signatories of the Montevideo Statement, who 
declared themselves to be "The leaders of organizations responsible for 
coordination of the Internet technical infrastructure globally".

Which I don't think has a specific [un-in]corporate identity of its own. 
["The Montevideons" perhaps?]

Although those, plus others, are signed up to a single initiative known 
as ITAC. which has an identity 
and a secretariat, but is a somewhat exclusively OECD point of focus.

Meanwhile, are we constrained to existing pigeon-holes when it comes to 
"stakeholders"? What about the "At Large" community who only seem to 
have any presence at all at ICANN meetings, and how often do we see the 
Trade Union stakeholder (TUAC in an OECD context) involved in Internet 
related bottom-up meetings.

Another stakeholder category with limited presence is "Parliamentarians" 
(which is absolutely not the same as "Governments") and have only made 
any noticeable inroads into worldwide IG activities at the IGF.

Without wishing to make this into a laundry-list, other stakeholders we 
might want to consider, and who have a presence already in a few IG 
venues, are "Childrens Charities", "Youth", "Consumer Organisations" and 
"Law Enforcement" (although the latter sometimes ride on the coat-tails 
of Government, despite some national constitutions requiring a certain 
degree of separation).

As a final thought, I'm booked into a conference this weekend organised 
by "Student Unions", who seem to think they are a separate stakeholder 
group to their Academic professors, and institutions they attend. They 
certainly seem to have different views, quite a lot of the time.
Roland Perry

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