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[I-coordination] A Framework for Recent Internet Governance Discussions – From Montevideo Statement to 1net (was: Re: What is 1net to me?)

Jeremy Malcolm jeremy at
Wed Dec 4 01:14:09 CET 2013

On 4 Dec 2013, at 2:33 am, John Curran <jcurran at> wrote:

> It is in this context that the Montevideo Statement was followed by a call for something more solution-oriented than the present model of the Internet Governance Forum. The goal is a neutral, open forum to discuss Internet challenges, and that is what is now being called the 1net initiative. Personally, I do believe that having a neutral forum where we can better engage outside of the “Internet technical community” is a very good idea, particularly if it leads to increased collaboration with governments rather than having them go elsewhere and make unilateral decisions in these areas.
> When someone asks me what 1net is about, my response is that I believe it is intended to be a neutral, focused initiative to discuss selected Internet issues with the intent of working towards actionable collaborative solutions.  I can’t predict which topics might get picked up for consideration (and that is truly unknowable until a 1net Steering Committee is seated), but it is my expectation that 1net will help promote existing technical solutions or identify opportunities for additional cooperation among Internet organizations.

If that is so, then I can't support 1net in that form, as I think the technical community has been fixated for too long on the idea that there are technical solutions to policy problems, and the idea that its version of the multi-stakeholder model is the only way to produce these solutions.  It will be necessary to get past that mindset if we are to make progress on the most intractable policy issues, which have little to do with the application of specific Internet technologies.  For 1net to take the role you describe would also be a distraction from reforming the IGF to perform the functions of proposing actionable collaborative solutions, and would play into those who have been opposing the IGF's fulfilment of its mandate from day 1.

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