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[I-coordination] A Framework for Recent Internet Governance Discussions – From Montevideo Statement to 1net

Brian E Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at
Tue Dec 3 20:29:43 CET 2013

Hi John,

You write:

> While it is very successful as a forum of discussion, one of the frequent frustrations with the IGF is that while it discusses problems, in its present form it intentionally does not attempt to drive discussions towards outcomes. 

Actually this is the one property of the IGF that I most appreciate.
Ever since WSIS I have felt that the main priority was to prevent any
kind of formal international action on the topics lumped together with
the strange name "Internet governance" and so far this has succeeded,
especially the outcome of WCIT.

I'm still waiting for some indication of what the concrete problem is
that we're supposed to be discussing here. Who goes to which meetings is
not a very interesting problem.

For example, is the problem "What are the risks from the Brazil meeting,
and how can we prevent that meeting causing damage to international
Internet connectivity?"

   Brian Carpenter

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